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Lay-out of the building

When first entering the building of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts (FHK) at Zwijsenplein / Bisschop Zwijsenstraat, it gives a somewhat complex appearance. That is why there are maps available at the caretaker’s desk. Thus, we hope that you will find your way around the building quickly and easily. Every part of the building is represented by a letter, from A to E.

You also find these letters in the signposting, on the map, as well as in the numbers of the various rooms:
A - the part that is situated around the Concert Hall;
B - the stretched part on the Oude Dijk;
C - the part that is situated on the Stadstraat and the Zwijsenstraat;
D - the part on the Zwijsenstraat;
E - villa in the Zwijsenstraat.

Street level

The Tilburg City Centre is situated on a big, flat sand hill. You can tell from the building that is situated on a slope. Between the street level of the Schouwburgring and the street level of the Stadstraat, there is a drop of approximately 2 meters. If you enter the building through the main entrance, and you leave the A-section at that level and continue your way  in the B-section, you will notice that you have arrived on the first floor.

Entrance Zwijsenplein and Entrance Bisschop Zwijsenstraat

You can enter the building through the main entrance at Zwijsenplein 1 (also called Entrance I), as well as through the Bisschop Zwijsenstraat 11 entrance (Entrance II). Because of safety regulations, side exits and emergency exits can only be used in cases of emergencies.

Every day after 19.00 h., as well as on Saturdays, the Zwijsenstraat entrance is closed, as is the case during holidays. Then you can enter the building through the main entrance at the Zwijsenplein.