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Borrow musical intruments and equipment

Photo: Koektrommel Studio Photo: Koektrommel Studio

Multi-media Centre

The Multi-media Centre of FHK is a meeting place full of hidden treasures and meant for students, staff and external partners.

At the Multi-media Centre of FHK you can borrow musical instruments and related materials.
There are also computers for processing vision and sound and equipment for playing video and sound.
The Multi-media Centre also offers a comprehensive range of facilities:

- a high-quality collection of information carriers, both books and magazines, also in digitized form; - an information desk where staff members help you find the correct information;
- computer workstations, computers for processing vision and sound, (colour) printers, scanners and equipment for playing video and sound;
- a silent workplace and a project room;
- a desk where you can borrow audio-visual aids, such as beamers and cameras,musical instruments and related materials and
- sale of readers, specific materials and stationary.

Expert information specialists will support users in their demand for information and AV materials. The (information) desk is located on the ground floor. You can only pay and borrow things with your student or staff card.