Your life in Tilburg

Tilburg is truly a student town boasting two academic institutions for applied sciences and a university, adding up to a total of 29.000 students. This ‘city of creators’ breathes creativity, innovation and guts; Tilburg facilities include a large number of recording studios, pop venues, nice bars and restaurants, festivals, Festival Mundial among others, as well as the FHK projects. Encounter, entrepreneurship, development and recreation are the key words that constitute the events and facilities available to students.

Pubs, Theaters Tilburg, music bars, pop venue 013, theatres, beaneries and posh restaurants. For a good night on the town, Tilburg has a lot to offer. The bar density per student is 1 (bar) in 154 (students). On top of that, Tilburg is famous for its events all through the year. Box-office draws include the Tilburg Fair, Carnival, Festival Mundial, Tilburg Ten Miles and the Incubate Festival.  .

Places to be: City centre, Spoorzone [railway zone], Piushaven [Pius harbour] and lots more!

If you are looking for genuine conviviality, the Korte Heuvel and the Piusplein are the places to be. But do try the new and upcoming areas, such as the Piushaven and the inspiring meeting place: the Spoorzone. The city beach Wateriums will probably be back for the 2017 summer.

Tilburg: city of culture packed with artistic initiatives and festivals.

Tilburg is a city with a longstanding tradition in education, dating back to the nineteenth century. During the last few decades, the Tilburg educational sector expanded substantially and left its mark on the city. Tilburg is a small-scale university city, offering a wide range of treasures there to be discovered. Students who embark on this trail are bound to discover far more than they bargained for.  Tilburg invites students to get involved, to play a part in society and remain to do so after having graduated. Tilburg is a confident city, an ideal resident for students who want to play an active role and leave their mark. Tilburg, a city where entrepreneurship among students flourishes and where there are ample job opportunities for graduates.

Some examples: Audax Textile Museum  TilburgDe Pont - Museum for contemporary artTheatre De NWE VorstTheatres Tilburg013 Pop VenusFactoriumBrabants Kenniscentrum Kunst en Cultuur  [Centre of knowledge arts and culture] (bkkc)Music Podium Paradox.

City of Creators

What makes Tilburg so special is an ambiance of creativity, innovation and audacity. Encounters, developments, entertainment and entrepreneurship, these are the keywords with regard to student activities, whether organized for or by students.

Area to wander around

In the attractive side streets of the historic inner city (‘Wander Area’ or 013-alleys), amidst stately mansions, you will discover cutting-edge interior design, fashion and other authentic shops. Do you fancy a nice lunch or a first-class culinary evening out?  Here you will find culinary hotspots, and on top of that: an art house cinema, music stages and an innovative theatre venue.

Events in Tilburg

Tilburg is famous for its events, organized throughout the year.

Real box-office successes include the  Tilburgs Fair (July), Tilburg Carnival (February), Festival Mundial (June),  Tilburg Ten Miles (September), Festival Incubate (September), Festival Circolo (bi-annual in October in Liemde, some 35 km from Tilburg), as well as the culinary events Hap Stap Festival (June) and Tilburg Culinair (September).