My introduction week

The new academic year will soon be upon us. Once again we’ll be organising the Purple Freshers’ Week for the new students.

Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 August are reserved for individual course activities. Some focus on teambuilding and conviviality, whilst others opt for a programme that primarily focuses on the course already, with guest lectures and practical assignments. On Wednesday 28 August new students in Eindhoven, Tilburg,’s-Hertogenbosch, Venlo and Utrecht will participate in an unmissable city programme.

The week’s grand finale will take place on Thursday 29 August when all the freshers from Eindhoven, Tilburg,’s-Hertogenbosch, Sittard, Veghel and Utrecht can enjoy the Purple Festival.

Photos and videos

During this introduction week, many photos and videos will be made. They will include selfies and videos made by students on mobile phones as well as photos and videos made by professional photographers. By participating in this introduction week you automatically agree that these photos and/or videos are being published (i.a. social media, flyers, ads and websites).