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Additional information

Additional information

If you follow a diet for medical reasons, have certain (food) allergies or are vegetarian, please indicate this on the registration form. We try to take this into account as much as possible. If you have any questions about this, please email them to FHKpurple@fontys.nl.
It is forbidden to consume strong drink and drugs. Alcohol is only served and drunk from 4 p.m. In addition to soft drinks, beer and wine are served at the overnight locations during the festivities (from 4 p.m.). If we do find liquor and/or drugs, they will be confiscated and we may send you home. Under the age of 18, alcohol is completely prohibited. Students aged 18 or older will receive an 18+ wristband at the start of the introduction week upon presentation of their ID card.
During the entire introduction week, First Aid / In-house Emergency and First Aid is present. Employees can be recognized by their yellow vests.

Cost for participation: €87,50 per person

What do you get for this?
* All participating students will sleep for 4 nights at the Purple camping (we will arrange the tents, you have to bring your own sleeping gear like air mattress, sleeping bag and pillow)
* Breakfast, lunch and dinner
* Full week program of activities
* A FHK T-shirt

We would like to be informed in advance if there are medical matters that we need to be aware of. This includes illnesses, (food) allergies (epipen) etc. You can report this to FHKpurple@fontys.nl
Photos will be taken during the entire introduction week. These may be made public or used for promotional purposes. By participating in the introduction you agree to this (give permission for this).