Accommodation: quality standards

Are all of the available accommodations identical?

No, as Fontys cooperates with a number of different housing agencies, the available rooms can differ quite substantially. The rental fees range from EUR 350 to EUR 450 per month and it is not possible to select a particular room and/or preferred rental fee.

All accommodation made available to students via Fontys must satisfy the following minimum quality standards:
  • The room must measure at least 10 – 12 square metres. If a room is smaller than this, a shared living room is usually available or a lower rental fee will apply.
  • The room must be furnished and contains at least one bed (including a duvet and a pillow), a cupboard, a desk, a chair and curtains. Bed linen must be included, it may be necessary to pay a separate fee to the housing agency for this facility.
  • Shared facilities must include at least a kitchen, a shower/bathroom, a toilet and a washing machine. In some cases, an additional fee is charged fot use of the washing machine.
  • Access to the Internet must be available (not necessarily wireless).
  • The distance from the accommodation to the Fontys campus must be no further than a 30-minute bicycle ride.
  • The rental fee must include access to the Internet and average usage of energy and water.