Accommodation: Faq

Can Fontys help me to find an accommodation?

Yes, Fontys has established cooperation’s with a number of different accommodations agencies and landlords to provide students with guidance in finding accommodation for the first semester or academic year at Fontys. Your application will be processed on a first come first served basis. The deadline to hand in your accommodation form is 15 June if you start in September or the 8 December if you start in February. Fontys can only guarantee housing for a limited number of students, so in the meantime it is important to search for an accommodation by yourself. If you find a place by yourself please inform us by writing an email to .

When will I be informed about the details of my accommodation arranged by Fontys?

No later than three weeks before the start of your study at Fontys, we will inform you about the housing agency you have been assigned to. We will inform you about the procedure to book the room and at what date the room will be available. In some cases, an accommodation agency will issue a student with a login account to give access to their booking system, via which it will be possible for the student to select from the range of accommodation available via the agency’s website. In other cases, an accommodation agency will contact the student to inform him/her of the specific accommodation available.
In August the accommodation will be available as from 1-2 weeks prior to your commencement of studies at Fontys. In January/February the accommodation will be available just a few days before the start of your studies.

When will I be informed in case Fontys can not help me finding a room?

Although our department International students will do its utmost to find accommodation for everyone, we do not have enough rooms to offer to all new students. Your application will be processed on a first come first served basis and a complete enrolment process. So mind the deadlines.If Fontys doesn't have a room available for you, you will be informed ultimately in the last week of June.

What happens if I am not admissible to the study?

If you are not admissible to the study of your choice, your request for accommodation will be cancelled without charge. Please inform us by writing an email to .

Will I be able to share accommodation with a friend?

No, it is not possible to share a room or a studio with a friend. But at the bottom of the accommodation form, you may submit your ‘preference’ to be in the same accommodation with a certain person. We cannot guarantee that your preferences will be met, but we will certainly try to meet your request. With regard to the range of accommodation that we have available, please note that all accommodation is offered on a ‘first in, first served’ basis.

I submitted an Accommodation Form to Fontys, but then I found my own accommodation. Can I cancel my application for accommodation assistance with Fontys?

You can cancel the application only BEFORE you have been assigned to an accommodation. please send an email to to cancel the application. If you cancel the accommodation after you have been assigned to an agency, the accommodation will stay empty and you would still have to pay for rent.

After I have been assigned to an accommodation agency, can I switch to another accommodation agency?

No, you cannot switch to another accommodation agency. When we have assigned all students to their accommodation agencies, all available rooms will be allocated to those students. Therefore, switching to another accommodation agency is not possible.

As I will be arriving a few weeks after the commencement date of my rental contract, will I have to pay for the days during which I have not yet occupied my room?

Yes, you will have to pay for all days as from the commencement of your rental contract, which has a fixed commencement date. By signing the Accommodation Form, you declare that you will accept and pay for a room as from a specified date. If you decide to arrive at a later date, you will still be obliged to pay the rental fee as from the commencement date of the rental contract.

I will arrive a few days before my rental contract commences. Will I be able to occupy my accommodation earlier than scheduled?

No, your accommodation will not available prior to the agreed commencement date of your rental contract. If you need a place to stay until that date, you will need to book a room at a hotel, or a B&B (Bed & Breakfast). For further information, please refer to the section, Commercial housing agencies and other parties.

When I have arrived, if I discover that I do not like my room, will I be able to switch to another room?

No, unless your room does not meet the requirements.

If I have a problem with my accommodation agency/landlord, will Fontys solve this for me?

Legally, Fontys will not be one of the parties to the rental contract, which will be between you and the accommodation agency. Therefore, any complaints and problems concerning your accommodation should be reported to your accommodation agency/landlord. However, if your problem is not resolved, or if you need a helping hand, you may contact a Fontys Accommodation Officer and he/she will try to provide you with appropriate advice/assistance.

May I leave my accommodation prior to the termination date of my rental contract?

No, you may not vacate your accommodation prior to the agreed termination date of your rental contract. As you have signed a rental contract, you will be responsible for the payment of the rental fee associated with your accommodation. However, if you pay the rental fees in full up to and including the agreed termination date, of course, you will be able to vacate your accommodation.

What will happen if I am unable to pay my rent?

When you apply for accommodation assistance via Fontys, you are required to sign in agreement to a maximum monthly rental. As such, we will assume that you are fully aware, in advance, of the expenses associated with renting accommodation. Therefore, you will remain responsible for the monthly payment of your rental fees.

Can I select my preferred accommodation?

In general, it is not possible to select the specific accommodation of your choice. Fontys will decide which student will be assigned to which accommodation agency. However, some accommodation agencies have software available that will allow a student to ‘view’ a student room before accepting it.

What will be in my room and what should I bring?

Your room will have certain characteristics, which have been listed under the section, quality standards of the accommodation. Items that you may wish to bring with you, or purchase locally, would include your personal belongings, towels, soap and detergent, food, toilet paper, et cetera.

What happens after the first semester/ academic year?

If you are staying longer than one academic year you need to find an accommodation on your own. Start searching on time. Do not forget to inform the municipality about your new address.
If you are an exchange student you will probably leave the Netherlands after a semester. You need to deregister at the municipality. Note: The landlord of your room can ask you for proof of deregistration at the municipality as a condition to get your deposit back.

My question is not listed here. Whom can I contact for further assistance?

If the answer to your question is not included here, please do not hesitate to contact Team International Students by e-mail, via