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Fontys student card

How do I get the card?

The student card is proviced once free of charge at the beginning of or during the academic year to all students who register for the first time at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. You will receive a student card when you are registered and you have uploaded a passport photo via www.fontyskaart.nl.

To upload your photo, click on the photobox on the page and follow the instructions on the screen.

It is most convenient if you have your student card right from the start of the educational year. It is best to apply for the card as soon as you know what is your address in the Netherlands.

When do I need a student card?

  • As proof of identity at Fontys Universities; in order to prove who you are when requested (for example at exams).
  • Logging on to the Canon printers.
  • Access control; students can use the card to gain entry to buildings on Fontys property and at automated barriers.
  • Lockers; the student card can be used for the lockers in some Fontys buildings.
  • For the loan of equipment from the media libraries.


Please contact the IT Servicedesk.
Available on workdays from 8:00 - 17:00 hrs