Cost of living

On average students living in Venlo spend between €750- €900 a month. Of course the average costs may differ depending on your way of living. Below you can find an overview:

  • Housing: €350 - €450
  • Food and drinks: €200
  • Other costs: €150
  • Visa costs: €315 annually (if needed)
  • Alll-in insurance (optional): €442 (annually)

For the first month bring about €800 - €1000 extra for expenses when you arrive (e.g. for a bike, additional furniture for your room, books, deposit for your accommodation etc.).

Non-EEA students, who (will) hold a residence permit for study

Dutch Immigration Service (IND) requires non-EEA students to prove they have access to € 900.00* per month for the first year of the study (living expenses € 10.800) before they start their studies. This requirement is part of the visa procedure.

*subject to change