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Health Insurance

For many international bachelor and exchange students, the start of their study at Fontys University of Applied Sciences means, they have to organise a lot of things. One of them is taking care of sufficient health care insurance.

Studying abroad is about developing an array of (academic) skills and experiencing a different culture, but it is obviously also about having a lot of fun. For most students their time at Fontys is all about positive experiences. However, accidents and urgent/unexpected situations also occur (e.g. a pandemic like COVID-19). Having access to affordable (healthcare) insurances and knowing that you always have the security of a safety net are very important issues in this respect.

However, not all students make the effort towards having the comfort of a safety net to avoid negative financial consequences. At Fontys we noticed that mainly EU-/EEA-students are more than average under- or not insured when compared to other nationalities – and that (healthcare) insurances are an underexposed issue for students in general

To give a few examples of actual situations that did occur to international students at Fontys while being in the Netherlands:

-       A student fell off his bike against a parked car. The car appeared to have damages and the student subsequently needed physiotherapy because of the fall. As the student had no liability nor a sufficiently covering healthcare insurance, his insurance did not reimburse the costs incurred, with the result that he had to pay these costs himself while not being able to afford this.

-       A student experienced severe stress and trauma complaints. One of Fontys’s student psychologists wanted to send her to a specialist for advanced mental care. The student found out beforehand these costs would not be reimbursed and therefore decided not to proceed with the psychologist’s advice.

-       A student suffered heavily and went to First Aid to be seen. The doctor concluded the student was suffering from kidney stones and should be admitted to hospital to be operated within a few days. However, the healthcare insurance the student took out in his home country would not reimburse healthcare cost incurred in the Netherlands in case these costs are not related to a life threatening situation.

The students in all of these examples would have had no problem paying for their respective costs in case they would have taken out the proper (additional) insurances.

Based on the above, we would like to point out to all students, that it is in their own interest to inform themselves about the insurances they have in their home country prior to leaving for the Netherlands, what is actually covered based on these insurances and if they will need (additional) insurances while studying in the Netherlands.

Should the student want to take out (additional) insurances, Fontys recommends the international student-minded insurance company ‘InsureToStudy’ (ITS). ITS offers private healthcare- and liability insurance for as little as 1,21 EUR per day. Fontys and ITS have had a very good working relation for more than 10 years. Obviously the student is always free to take out insurances from another company.

For quick and easy communication to your students, this link can be used which contains all the necessary information: https://fontys.edu/Study-at-Fontys/Practical-information-1/Arriving-in-The-Netherlands-1/Insurance.htm

We can imagine that you may have questions and/or remarks based on this message. For further information, please contact Mrs. Margot Findhammer through internationalstudents@fontys.nl.