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Fresh at ICT-programmes

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Welcome to Fontys!

Some of you will have to travel a bit further than others to start with us in February!

To make your start as convenient as possible we have gathered all information you need. If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person. See you in February!

For all new students, both international and national:

Information on this webpage is intended for all new students of Fontys School of ICT, campus Eindhoven. This page originally was designed for international students only. However, we now have an intake of a group of national students that opted for the course based learning method. The information on this webpage applies to them as well, although not all information will be relevant for national students. So national first year students for HBO-ICT coursebased will get the same schedule/programme as international first year students during introduction week and first week of lessons and they will mingle with international freshmen students.

Are you a national student and did you opt for demand based learning?

Then this page is not your cup of tea; please visit our website "Goede Start",which is in Dutch and for national students only.


  • Push Ctrl + scroll down: the page gets smaller and you see an overview of (photo)cards.
  • Push Ctrl + scroll up: the page gets larger again.
  • The first 6 cards contain a photograph, a title, a short text and/or a pink coloured Call-to-Action button. Click on the pink CTA-button and more information is published about that specific topic.
  • Once you push the backspace arrow to the left in front of your webbrowser, your screen gets back to the opening screen. You return to the overview of photographs containing white coloured topics in the right hand corner.
  • Depending on what you would like to read about, you click one of the photographs, for example: “Travelling in the Netherlands”. Information about public transport, trains and bikes is published.
  • Again push the backspace arrow to the left in front of your webbrowser. Your screen gets back to the opening screen and so on.
  • Have fun exploring these pages. In spite of everything published here, if you have a question to which you fail to find an answer here, do not hesitate and send us your questions by e-mail.

For all international students:

To help you prepare your arrival in the Netherlands and to assist you in starting your new studies, we have gathered all relevant and necessary information you might need here on our website, called: “Fresh-at-Fontys”.

Detailed information about our introduction week and your first week of lessons will be published on this site in the course of the month of January. Due to the corona crisis it is very difficult to predict what will be programmed, so please keep a regular eye on the Fresh at Fontys pages to see if we have published new schedules under the photocards “my introduction week” and “my first week”. Do not worry, we will make sure you get all necessary information in due time. In the meantime, If you need assistance, send your questions to: StudyICT@fontys.nl

‪We wish you a wonderful Christmas holiday season and hope to see you soon at Fontys University in Eindhoven! 

Word of welcome

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