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My schedule

My schedule

Shortly before the start of your studies at Fontys, you will receive an email from the foundation year coordinator or exchange programme coordinator regarding the start of your classes and your class number. Once you know what class you are in, you can check your schedule via: https://www.fontys.nl/roosters/FHMM/ (click on the bottom link and then on your class, e.g. IB31).

How to read your schedule

The schedule lists which subjects you will follow where, at what time you are expected, and which member of staff teaches the subject. Each block starts with the initials of the name of the lecturer (Lat). In the middle of the block you will find the teaching location: the building (R3 or R4) is followed by the room number (331). Each block ends with an abbreviation for the teaching activity (SLB). 

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Example: on Monday, in the 3rd and 4th hour there is a SLB meeting with Mr de Laat (Lat) in room 331 in building R4. The first 3 in 331 refers to the 3rd floor.

Class hours

1             08:45​     ​-     ​09:35​
2             09:35​     ​-     ​10:25
3             ​10:45     -​     ​11:35
4             ​11:35     ​-     ​12:25
5             ​12:25     -​     ​13:15
6             ​13:15     ​-     ​14:05
7             ​14:05     ​-     ​14:55
8             15:15​     ​-     ​16:05
9             ​16:05     ​-     ​16:55