Programme first week

The Culture Shower will start on February 3 from 9.00-5.00 at the Fontys Nexus building in room 3.75/3.76.

That day you will receive information about the schedule of the rest of the week.

Culture Shower

In the first week you will start with a culture shower.

What is it about?

A metaphor for an immersion, get to know Industrial Engineering & Management: the work, the study and the world; by experiencing and researching (by) yourself.

The goal is to enable you to

  • create your own view and understanding of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • work in teams
  • learn to deal with uncertainty
  • creatively (re)imagine and transfer insights to others
  • reflect individually on what you've learned

Necessities for this first day

  • notebook
  • multiple colours (pencil or marker)
  • laptop/tablet/telephone
  • lunch and something to drink
  • most importantly: good spirit!