Start introduction at Fontys Engineering programmes - August 23rd - August 28th 2021

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The programme

In the upcoming weeks, more details about daily programmes will be published here. Please keep returning to this page regularly during the summer to find out more!

Due to COVID-19 we will definitely not organise massive events for introduction as we used to do. Your health and safety are most important to us. Therefore we will develop an alternative programme to warmly welcome each individual new student.

We are working on multiple plans in parallel so, whatever the COVID restrictions will be in August, we will have a plan that can be carried out. We hope you understand costs of different type of intro weeks will vary a lot. Therefore we can only say that in the best case scenario from Monday to Friday you will be able to get to know your new study colleagues in person, with a lot of fun events organised by study association Innovum. The maximum cost of this week will be €35.

For this week of fun events we have several scenarios:

1. Most positive scenario (almost no corona restrictions):

Monday, start off with sign ups. Introduction groups are made by speed dates amongst other students. Lunch, followed by a treasure hunt throughout the city centre during which 2nd year students will show you the hotspots of Eindhoven and you will be eating Dutch delicacies. At the local pub, we will have a karaoke party to end the day.

Tuesday, the new students will eat breakfast together, have a cookie baking contest. Eat lunch together, and party together with a poolparty. This poolparty will be followed by a beerpong tournament.

Wednesday, will be more engineering themed, after eating breakfast the students will do fun challenges like katapult building and an egg drop test. This will introduce them to the technical aspect of their studies. The day will end with a party.

Thursday, in the morning the new students will get some tips and tricks after breakfast which will help them getting started living in the Netherlands. This involves insurance and how you can lend in the Netherlands and travel cheap by train through the Netherlands. After the tips and tricks there will be a festival with all of the Fontys studies in Tilburg.

Friday, the morning will be sleeping in, followed by some activities with the first year Dutch engineering students, followed by a BBQ.

2. The hybrid scenario (there are some corona regulations valid, however we are allowed to outside with at least 30 people):

Monday will be the same as in the first plan except for the karaoke party being online.

Tuesday the poolparty is divided up into time slots and there will be a purple student quiz. The beerpong tournament is online.

Wednesday, the engineering building project is in real life. In the evening there is an online game show.

Thursday, will sadly not be a festival but a purple concert. the tips and tricks meeting is still happening.

Friday will be filled with a talent show made by the introduction families.

3. Most negative scenario (many corona restrictions - full programme online):

Monday start with online speed dating, followed by an online city tour. In this city tour a programme is used, which has you guess several landmarks through google maps and our introduction partens will give you more more background information about these landmarks. After the city tour, an online music bingo is scheduled, followed by a karaoke show online.

Tuesday we'll have online board games, followed by an online version of crazy 88. In the evening the new students will tell their families fun stories.

Wednesday will still be engineering themed. There will be online building projects. In the evening, each family has to be dressed up according to a certain theme to join the theme party. We will close the day with an online pub quiz.

On Thursday, the tips and tricks will still be shared online. In the evening we will have a kahoot quiz.

Friday will be filled with an online talent show.

We hope to be meeting you during the introduction week! This is an easy way to meet the other students and build new friendships!

With best regards,

the Innovum International Committee.