Everything you should know about your introduction week

Dear first-year MIRT students, it is great that you have registered for the MIRT program.

Starting a new study, calls for an unforgettable introduction with your new students! The introduction is there to get to know your fellow students, teachers, senior students, the city and the student life! The introduction week will take place from the 22th to the 25th of August. This is the week before the first classes start.

The introduction week is separate from your registration for the study, so you have to register separately for this week.

Not 18 = no alcohol

Monday 22 August


Tuesday 23 August


Wednesday 24 August

• Crazy 88/free time
• Lunch together
• City day Purple
• Horeca party
• Pub tour

Thursday 25 August

We close the introduction week with a bang! Namely with the Purple Festival. The entire Fontys community comes together here. The participants from all cities of all introductory programs come together to the Purple Festival and enjoy the artists and activities spread over the different stages throughout the day. This way you can close the introduction week in style with a party that you will be talking about with your new friends, classmates and teachers for a long time to come.

Don't forget!

- A bike! (this is mandatory). You need it to be able to move to the different activities. At the end of the day you can park your bicycle at school or at Eindhoven station.
- Your own lunch for the Monday.
- Power bank, this may come in handy because there will be no (or limited) charging options in many places.
- Water/drinks, stay hydrated! During lunch (Monday not included) and diner, we will provide drinks for you.
- Sunscreen for the hot days! Possibly dry clothes for the bad days.
- You may need swimwear and a towel for Tuesday, depending on the program. We will inform you about this later.

Below we have described a few topics that are important to know for this week!

  • If you come by public transport, you must take into account, the travel times that apply to student public transport. Do not forget a facemasks that covers your nose and mouth, which must be worn when traveling by public transport.
  • During the introduction week no alcoholic drinks under the age of 18!
  • Due to Corona measures, the programme is subject to change!
  • Naturally, we take into account the current guidelines of the Dutch institute for public health regarding the Corona virus in all activities.
  • During the entire week, the costs incurred for transport are at your own expense.
  • The classes are not yet known during the introduction week, so the groups are not based on that!
  • We would like to give a tip for those who have to travel far to consider overnight stays in Eindhoven. You may have friends or family living in the area. Eindhoven also has several small affordable hotels/B&Bs to stay overnight!

For now; enjoy the holidays and we hope to see you all soon!

With Regards,

Introduction committee MIRT