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Below you can see all the activities in which you will participate:

On Monday, August 23rd:

Only the International students are expected at 9 a.m. in the central hall of building R3, Rachelsmolen 1 Eindhoven.

On this day, the staff of the International Office will inform you about diploma validation, studying at Fontys, and your study period in the Netherlands. The end of the day will be around 4 p.m.

On Tuesday, August 24th: We will start at 9 a.m. with a walk-in/reception of all National and International students. After an official reception by the management, you will meet your buddy, mentor, and fellow classmates. There will be a lot of time to get to know each other and ask any questions you may have, and we will have a lot of fun together! The introduction is the perfect opportunity to get to know your new classmates and often friendships are made here for the rest of your school career. This day is mandatory, so make sure you are there!

On Wednesday, August 25th at 12 a.m., the third (mandatory) introductory day starts in the Fontys building R4. This day is filled with lots of fun activities, music, and games. At the end of the day, you will have dinner with your new classmates at a foodtruck on Campus (at your own expense) and in the evening we will have fun with a silent disco.

On Thursday we will meet at 11.30 am at 'De Ijzeren Man Eindhoven'. We will having a sports day! You will have the opportunity to meet another international program, International Business! Together, we will be playing fun games and activities at the Ijzeren Man. This is a lake location, so please bring something you are comfortable getting wet in. There will be opportunities to go swim or to stay on dry land and compete in games with your fellow classmates. There will be foodtrucks in the early afternoon for lunch (please bring cash or an EU card to pay for the lunch). In the evening we will be having a (free) barbecue dinner at the location. There will be vegan and Halal options for those with diet restrictions. Drinks are not included./
Your introduction week is done! Time to pack your things and head home. We hope you enjoyed it and made many new friends. Good luck during your studies and see you at Fontys!

Photos and videos

During this introduction week, many photos and videos will be made. They will include selfies and videos made by students on mobile phones as well as photos and videos made by professional photographers. By participating in this introduction week you automatically agree that these photos and/or videos are being published (i.a. social media, flyers, ads and websites).


We would love to see how you experience Purple. Add #purple2021 to your photo's and videos!

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If you cannot participate in the introduction week please send an e-mail with reason for absence to

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Additional information

If you follow a diet for medical reasons, have certain (food) allergies or are vegetarian, please e-mail We try to take this into account as much as possible. If you have any questions about this, please email

Fontys International Communication Management

Rachelsmolen 1

5612 MA Eindhoven

It is forbidden to consume strong drink and drugs. Alcohol is only served and drunk from 4 p.m. In addition to soft drinks, beer and wine are served at the overnight locations during the festivities (from 4 p.m.). If we do find liquor and/or drugs, they will be confiscated and we may send you home. Under the age of 18, alcohol is completely prohibited. Students aged 18 or older will receive an 18+ wristband at the start of the introduction week upon presentation of their ID card.
During the entire introduction week, First Aid / In-house Emergency and First Aid is present. Employees can be recognized by their yellow vests.
There is no charge to participate in the introduction to International Communication Management.
We would like to be informed in advance if there are medical matters that we need to be aware of. This includes illnesses, (food) allergies (epipen) etc. You can report this to Cara Jestes /
Photos will be taken during the entire introduction week. These may be made public or used for promotional purposes. By participating in the introduction you agree to this (give permission for this).


It is expected that the current restrictions on the opening up of buildings and the provision of physical education will apply for a longer period of time. We therefore assume a blended-learning offer, a mix of physical and online education. This mix may vary per training course. When distributing the possibilities for physical education, priority is given to the first-year students because of their connection with the course.

We advise you to visit the page 'Your start in times of Corona'

The Fontys introduction week is called Purple and will take place from 23 to 27 August 2021. The programme starts with getting acquainted with fellow students and teachers at our location on the Campus Rachelsmolen. There you will form your own introductory group (including 'intro parents').

The Purple Introduction Week is all about getting to know each other. Getting to know classmates, getting to know the study programme, getting to know the city where the new students will be studying and, of course, getting to know the Fontys community!

Just like previous years, we are planning to make the Purple Introduction Week just as beautiful and fantastic as every year, of course within the measures that are in place at that time. All the 'new' measures will create a challenge, but Purple is motivated to make it a great week again!

No, every course has its own programme and also takes part in central activities (such as the city day and the Purple Festival). Check the programme on this site to see how your intro will look like

During the introduction week a lot of photos and videos will be made. Ranging from selfies and videos on a mobile phone by fellow students to photos and videos by professional photographers and filmmakers. By participating in the introduction week you agree that the photos and/or videos will be published (on social media, flyers, advertisements and websites).


Contact with International Communication Management

Rachelsmolen 1, 5612 MA Eindhoven
Rachelsmolen 1, Eindhoven

Cara Jestes


Contact with the introduction committee

Do you have questions about your Purple Introduction Week? You can also reach us on the details below during the summer holidays and the introduction week.