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Starting your studies

Starting your studies

When starting your studies at Fontys, it is nice to know when we expect to meet you on campus for the first time and what you will experience in the first months at International Communication Management.

During this day there are several activities on the programme, including the diploma check. The programme and the corresponding times will follow soon and will be published here. We expect you to be present during this day, this is mandatory for students from abroad. Pay attention: please note that this does not apply to Dutch students. For Dutch students there are no activities on this day.

More information will follow.

The first academic week at International Communication Management starts right after the Introduction week with multiple activities that help you to learn how to work together with your fellow students, tutors, and lecturers. You will meet your client for the first project for a briefing. We have scheduled workshops as a kick starter for your publishing skills. You will meet your mentor group and talk about your culture and background, and your connection to the field of Communications and the ICM study programme. This is followed by several social activities to get acquainted with your fellow students and lecturers.

Our building (R3/4)

Rachelsmolen 1, Eindhoven

Locatiekaart op adres: Rachelsmolen 1, Eindhoven

If you want to plan holidays or other activities, it is useful to know when there are no classes.