Registration at city hall

Once you have arrived in Eindhoven, you are obligated to register at the city hall. We will make an appointment at the city hall for you and inform you about the date and time of the appointment on the introduction day of August 27th. This appointment is mandatory, please be there on the exact time and date. If you will not come to this appointment we have made for you, you have to make a new appointment yourself.

You can call the City Hall customer contact center to arrange this on +31 (0)40 2386 000 or online.

If you reside in a municipality other than Eindhoven, you will have to arrange the appointment with the city hall of that municipality yourself.

After registering at the City Hall, a 'proof of registration' (uittreksel GBA) will be sent to  your home address in Eindhoven within a few days. Your BSN (citizen service number) is stated on this ‘proof of registration’. Some Dutch banks require your BSN in case you want to open a bank account.

NOTE: If you change your address during your stay in the Netherlands, you’ll have to inform the City Hall yourself.

In order to register you as a resident, you are required to bring certain documents with you to the appointment.

Find out here wich documents you need to bring to the appointment.

Please make sure to make copies of all these documents beforehand! You have to hand in the copies at the city hall.

The originals of all documents will be returned to you at the end of the appointment.

Contact us if you need help

If you are having difficulties arranging any of the documents, please contact Fontys ahead of time before your departure via

Visiting address City Hall (Building 'Stadskantoor - Inwonersplein')

Stadhuisplein 10, Eindhoven

Locatiekaart op adres: Stadhuisplein 10, Eindhoven

Which documents should I bring?

Find out which documents you need to bring to the appointment.

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