Medical check

A tuberculosis check is mandatory for international students from specific countries. If applicable to you, you will receive more information about this check during the visa procedure.

  • We will arrange an appointment for you with the GGD (Dutch public health service)
  • We will inform you by email about the date and time of this appointment
  • Please make sure to bring along your passport/ID to this appointment

You will be asked to take the following documents with you:

Please complete part 1 of the form before you go to the IND:

1.9 - Fill in the address where you live in the Netherlands (the postcode is four numbers and two letters). 1.12 - Fill in the personal details if you have a spouse or (registered) partner.

Part 2 of the form you do not need to fill in. The doctor will fill it in after you have taken the test and will send the form to the IND (Dutch Immigration Service).

Please complete the form and answer all the questions before you go to the IND:

You do not have to fill in your BSN (citizen service number).

You can find your V-number in part 1.3 on the “TB test referral form.

Visiting address GGD (Building 'De Witte Dame')

Clausplein 10, Eindhoven

Locatiekaart op adres: Clausplein 10, Eindhoven