Practical information

  • When you arrive in Eindhoven

    Please make sure to arrive in Eindhoven on time in order to settle in to your new surroundings and to be ready to start the introduction Week on August 27th 2019. Do not forget to inform your buddy about your arrival date and time aswell.

    NB! Fontys does not offer a pick-up service from the airport!

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  • Buddy

    For assisting our international students with settling in to the new life in Eindhoven and Fontys, we have set up a buddy system. A buddy is a current Fontys student, who will be in contact with the international students during a couple of weeks before the departure to the Netherlands as well as during the first study weeks here. Buddies will answer the general questions about the student life in Eindhoven and Fontys.

    The buddies will:

    • Contact the international students via e-mail / whatsapp before arrival and answer general questions about Fontys & Eindhoven
    • (If applicable and possible) join the student to the appointment at the city hall and the medical check at GGD
    • The buddy will be able to pick you up at central railway station Eindhoven on request.

    The buddies will be allocated in July 2019.

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  • Registration at city hall

    Once you have arrived in Eindhoven, you are obligated to register at the city hall. We will make an appointment at the city hall for you and inform you about the date and time of the appointment on the introduction day of August 27th. This appointment is mandatory, please be there on the exact time and date. If you will not come to this appointment we have made for you, you have to make a new appointment yourself.

    You can call the City Hall customer contact center to arrange this on +31 (0)40 2386 000 or online.

    If you reside in a municipality other than Eindhoven, you will have to arrange the appointment with the city hall of that municipality yourself.

    After registering at the City Hall, a 'proof of registration' (uittreksel GBA) will be sent to  your home address in Eindhoven within a few days. Your BSN (citizen service number) is stated on this ‘proof of registration’. Some Dutch banks require your BSN in case you want to open a bank account.

    NOTE: If you change your address during your stay in the Netherlands, you’ll have to inform the City Hall yourself.

    In order to register you as a resident, you are required to bring certain documents with you to the appointment.

    Find out here wich documents you need to bring to the appointment.

    Please make sure to make copies of all these documents beforehand! You have to hand in the copies at the city hall.

    The originals of all documents will be returned to you at the end of the appointment.

    Contact us if you need help

    If you are having difficulties arranging any of the documents, please contact Fontys ahead of time before your departure via

    Visiting address City Hall (Building 'Stadskantoor - Inwonersplein')

    Stadhuisplein 10, Eindhoven

    Locatiekaart op adres: Stadhuisplein 10, Eindhoven

    Which documents should I bring?

    Find out which documents you need to bring to the appointment.

    click here

  • Residence permit (IND) - for Non EU/EEA students only

    The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) will hand out your residence permit on:

    Date:   September 2020  Location: (Aula) Building R5, Rachelsmolen 1, Eindhoven

    In the introduction week (August 24th) you will receive a letter from us with the exact date and time to pick up your residence Permit.

    Don't forget to bring your passport!

    Directly after you have received your residence permit, Fontys will scan your residence permit. It is extremely important that you do not leave the Aula before this scan has been made. Without the scan of your residence permit your enrolment procedure will not be completed.

    NOTE: Students who entered the Netherlands without Entry Visa*, first have to visit the front office of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) in Eindhoven to have their photo, fingerprints and signature taken. Otherwise your residence permit cannot be ordered.

    *For example: nationals from Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, the USA, Vatican City State.

    Photo, fingerprints and signature

    In order to be able to make a residence permit for you, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) needs your fingerprints, photo and signature. Most students have already done this abroad while collecting their visa. In case you haven't, you have to visit the IND as soon as possible after arriving in the Netherlands. Only then you can pick up your residence permit at Fontys together with all other students. You do not have to make an appointment. Don't forget to bring your passport!

    You will be informed as soon as your residence permit is available. This can take 2-3 weeks.

    Visiting address IND (Building 'Hooghuis'): Opening hours Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm

    Keizersgracht 5, Eindhoven

    Locatiekaart op adres: Keizersgracht 5, Eindhoven

  • Medical check

    A tuberculosis check is mandatory for international students from specific countries. If applicable to you, you will receive more information about this check during the visa procedure.

    • We will arrange an appointment for you with the GGD (Dutch public health service)
    • We will inform you by email about the date and time of this appointment
    • Please make sure to bring along your passport/ID to this appointment

    You will be asked to take the following documents with you:

    Please complete part 1 of the form before you go to the IND:

    1.9 - Fill in the address where you live in the Netherlands (the postcode is four numbers and two letters). 1.12 - Fill in the personal details if you have a spouse or (registered) partner.

    Part 2 of the form you do not need to fill in. The doctor will fill it in after you have taken the test and will send the form to the IND (Dutch Immigration Service).

    Please complete the form and answer all the questions before you go to the IND:

    You do not have to fill in your BSN (citizen service number).

    You can find your V-number in part 1.3 on the “TB test referral form.

    Visiting address GGD (Building 'De Witte Dame')

    Clausplein 10, Eindhoven

    Locatiekaart op adres: Clausplein 10, Eindhoven

  • Class registration

    The Introduction Week, together with a class registration, will take place on August 24th 2020. During this registration, you are required to present the hard copies of your secondary education diploma and transcript, which you have submitted digitally during your application process. If you have completed all the enrolment requirements, you will be assigned to a class and receive your class number.

    Please make sure to bring the original diploma and gradelist (+ certified translation, if applicable) to Eindhoven. Your enrolment can not be finished without those documents.

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  • Useful links

    As a newcomer in the Netherlands you might not know where to buy certain products. In this list you will find useful links.


    For your daily veggies.

    Drug store

    For your non-prescription medicine, shampoo, and personal hygiene products.