FAQ introduction week

Below you can find Frequently Asked Questions regarding the introduction week. Of course you can email us too, but check first if the answer is written down below.

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Who is the introduction week for?
The introduction week is for all new first-year students that start in September 2020.

Do I have to bring my diplomas and other important papers to the introduction week?
Yes. On Monday a diploma check is carried out by employees of our Support Team to determine whether the diploma is valid.

Clothing and packing advice?

  • Check the weather forecast. In case of rain, bring a rain jacket or poncho. In case of sunshine, don't forget your sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Cash and debit card.
  • Identity card / passport
  • Comfortable shoes that may get dirty (due to the city walk on Wednesday and the Purple festival on Thursday)
  • Charger for your mobile phone.
  • Drugs and self-brought alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited and may result in removal from the premises. In The Netherlands you are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages if you are under the age of 18.

Is the introduction week mandatory?
Yes. The introduction week programme is essential for the start of your studies. You will receive lots of information on studying at Fontys and it's an important social event, which will make it much easier to make friends.

Will the trip to the Purple festival in the city of Tilburg be arranged by Fontys?
Yes. On Thursday we will leave by train or bus from Eindhoven to Tilburg. The costs for food and drinks during the Purple festival are for your own account. At the end of the evening we all go back to Eindhoven by train.

Where can I sleep during the introduction week?
We do not offer sleeping arrangements during the introduction week.

Are there additional costs associated with the introduction?
On Tuesday you will receive a lunch at the Fontys campus in Eindhoven. On Wednesday and Thursday the food and drinks are for your own account. Fontys pays for the trip by train on Thursday, as well as the entrance fee for the Purple festival.

When will the definitive programme for the intro be published?
You will find the detailed programme on the homepage 'My introduction week'. Click on the button 'programme'.

Who can I contact with questions about the intro?
Please contact our employees at the international office: internationalfhc@fontys.nl