Costs of living

The average living expenses per month for a foreign student living and studying in Holland are between €900 and €1100 per month. These living expenses cover rent (i.e. approximately € 600 per month), insurance, food, public transportation, books, clothing and other general costs. Of course the average costs may differ depending on your way of living.

Costs for books, readers, materials etc. are approximately €500 in the first year of study (prices are based on the new price of the books). Additional costs for excursions and extracurricular activities may vary between €50 and €200 per academic year.

Costs within the first months upon arrival will be higher than all other months due to a housing deposit, intro week, books, bike, additional furniture for your room. Study books are usually bought at the start of the semester and therefore it is wise to reserve and have direct access to an amount at the start of the semester which can cover the price of all study books and the living expenses for the first two months.