City Hall registration

Registration at the City Hall is required for all students who are moving to Eindhoven from abroad to study at Fontys University of Applied Sciences for at least 4 months. Register in person within 5 days of your arrival.  You can do this at the Residents' Plaza (Inwonersplein) in Eindhoven:

 Please schedule an appointment online 

Steps how to make an appointment online (see the link ‘Make an appointment online’)

or make an appointment by phone, please call 14 040. 

After registering at the city hall a 'proof of registration' (uittreksel GBA) will be sent to  your home address in Eindhoven within a few days. Your BSN (citizen service number) is stated on this ‘proof of registration’. Some Dutch banks require your BSN in case you want to open a bank account.

When you go to the Residents' Plaza to register, bring with you the following items:

·         A valid passport. 

EU residents may also use an identity card. If you have Dutch nationality, you have to show your Dutch passport or identity card;

•     (International) Birth certificate

Not a copy and not older than 6 months. Certificate must be in Dutch, English, French or German, or with official translation attached. Additional information and documental evidence is required too in case you are divorced, widow(er), married (bring birth certificate of partner plus marriage certificate) or in case you have children (bring birth certificates).

Documents from abroad often have to be authenticated. For more information about authenticating documents, see

(Dutch government information).

•     Rental agreement for your room in the Netherlands

Your original rental contract or an original statement from your landlord or main occupant (with whom you will be living) granting you permission to reside at the property plus a copy of his/her passport/ID card. Must be immediately organised in the days following your arrival.

•     Certificate of deregistration from the population register

Only for students from Belgium, Aruba or the Netherlands Antilles.

More information about registration at Eindhoven municipality can be foud on: