Your introduction week - August 22nd - August 26th

Monday August 22nd
We expect you to be at Fontys Nexus (Rondom 1, 5612 AP Eindhoven, the Netherlands) on Monday the 22nd of August 2022 at 10:00 AM. We'll welcome you when you enter the building and guide you to the correct classroom, where we'll start with a central kick-off. After the kick-off, you'll get a campus tour, we'll have lunch together, and have some fun activities on campus. We'll end the day with a barbecue!

Tuesday August 23rd
More great activities! We'll do some cooking with teachers, a (fun) Rocket Launch competition, eat and party together.

Wednesday August 24th
Get to know the city of Eindhoven, your classmates during sports activities and have a great time at Stratumseind, where all the bars are at.

Thursday August 25th
After a late night on Wednesday, on Thursday we'll start the day with a good breakfast together. And, hopefully, we'll be able to go to Purple Festival! This festival will be held for all new Fontys students in the city of Eindhoven (if COVID19 measures allow it at that time).

Friday August 26th
Wrap up! We'll have a short program for that day and get ready for the first week of classes, that start Monday August 29th!

This is the current plan. We do have scenarios worked out depending on the COVID19 measures at the time of the introduction week. One thing will not likely change: We'll see you in person on Monday the 22nd of August at 10 AM at Fontys Nexus!

You'll receive an email to register for the introduction week. In case you did not receive the email before the 16th of August, please send an e-mail to

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Photos and videos

During this introduction week, many photos and videos will be made. They will include selfies and videos made by students on mobile phones as well as photos and videos made by professional photographers. By participating in this introduction week you automatically agree that these photos and/or videos are being published (i.a. social media, flyers, ads and websites).