Starting your studies

Starting your studies

When starting your studies at Fontys, it is nice to know when we expect to meet you on campus for the first time and what you will experience in the first months at Industrial Engineering and Management.

For a successful enrollment it is necessary that you come to Eindhoven on the 19th of August 2022 in person, to show your original diploma from your previous education with corresponding list of marks. This is an important condition to complete your enrollment. If you do not manage to come to Eindhoven on this date or at least before the start of your study, your enrollment will be terminated. In that case, you could reapply for February 2023.

Everyone who is admitted will get a personal invitation with the details by e-mail. For last-minute admission questions please contact us:


Your introduction week (Purple)

The introweek is from August 22 to 26. You can find all information about your introduction week here.

The Introduction Day

On August 26th, from 4PM to 8PM, Fontys organizes the Introduction Day. This event is all about getting to know fellow international students. From 4 PM to 8 PM the campussites will be filled with conversations, info and 'gezelligheid' as the Dutch would say. We would like to invite you to the Fontys Introduction Day!

Be aware that this is a Fontys event and not a study or institute-specific event!

Costs to participate

Participating in the International day will cost you only 5 euros. In return for that, you will get food from the BBQ and 3 drinks!


Campus Rachelsmolen, Rachelsmolen 1, Eindhoven


Please let us know if you will join the BBQ & drinks before August 19th. You can do this via Eventbrite.

Questions and more info

For any questions that you may have, send an e-mail to

More information can be found in this flyer.

Ambience photo Fontys

Culture Shower

In the first week you will start with a culture shower. It starts Monday August 29nd 2022 at 11:00 AM in the Nexus Building, Rondom 1, Eindhoven.

What is it about?

A metaphor for an immersion, get to know Industrial Engineering & Management: the work, the study and the world; by experiencing and researching (by) yourself.

The goal is to enable you to

  • create your own view and understanding of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • work in teams
  • learn to deal with uncertainty
  • creatively (re)imagine and transfer insights to others
  • reflect individually on what you've learned

Necessities for this first day

  • notebook
  • multiple colours (pencil or marker)
  • laptop/tablet/telephone
  • a charger for the devices you're bringing
  • lunch and something to drink
  • earplugs/headphones
  • most importantly: good spirit!

Our building

Rondom 1, Eindhoven

Locatiekaart op adres: Rondom 1, Eindhoven
 Company experience in the first year? Well, yes that's exactly what IEM has in store for you! When joining IEM you must be prepared for a year full of interesting assignments and projects directly connected with real life. Right after your introduction week, probably the most fun week of the whole year, you go straight into the culture shower week, and you must already do an assignment. After your first week of the study, you will get your first credit (ECT). Following this assignment is the first project for the year, which if you start in September is all about the technical part of the study. You pick an appliance, take it apart and improve a part you think could use improving. You work with SolidWorks, a drawing software, to create the new and improved appliance and at the end of week 8 you present it in front of your stakeholders.

If you want to plan holidays or other activities, it is useful to know when there are no classes.

"I jumped into this adventure because I wanted to gain a different experience in terms of education and life."

Angelina about her decision to study abroad