My first week in class

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Annual schedule

It is good to know when you have no lessons, if you want to plan your holidays!
The annual calendar of educational year 2022-2023 is not yet determined. It will be published here in the course of July 2022.

  • Programme first week

    INTRO WEEK 2022

    Diploma check days August 16th and 17th.

    For a successful enrollment it is necessary that you come to Eindhoven on 16 or 17 August 2022 in person to show your original diploma from your previous education with the corresponding list of marks. This is an important condition to complete your enrollment. If you do not manage to come to Eindhoven on those dates, your enrollment will be terminated. In that case, you could reapply for February 2023.

    Monday August 29th, 2022

    Today your first week will start. You will start in your own class with your mentor according to the schedule you received during the intro week.

    From this day onward you will need your laptop every day!


    First semester Course-based learning, overview

    Week 0 Introduction by Proxy and Purple
    Week 1 First week of lessons
    Week 1-12 Orientating level courses
    Week 12 Finishing of and feedback on orienting level courses
    Week 13 - 18 Advanced courses
    Week 17 - 18 Finishing of and feedback on advanced level courses & project
    Week 19 Assessor meeting
    Week 20 Huge Leap Week

    Class hours

    begin end
    1 08.45 09.30
    2 09.30 10.15
    break 10.15 10.30
    3 10.30 11.15
    4 11.15 12.00
    5 12.00 12.45
    6 12.45 13.30
    7 13.30 14.15
    break 14.15 14.30
    8 14.30 15.15
    9 15.15 16.00