Laptop requirements and tips

Both at Fontys and outside you will often work on a computer. For some specific activities we have so-called innovationlabs: Gameslab, Securitylab, Accenturelab, Multimedia kitchen and Virtual Reality lab.

You can work there with advanced apparatus that is “state of the art”.

Next to that every student is obliged to have and use their own laptop. We made sure we have:

  • A lot of power sockets to plug in your laptop
  • Most needed software applications are available for free through
  • Many network connections so you can use a network cable for speedy internet connection
  • Wireless internet throughout the whole building

Laptop requirements

At the start any laptop will do so you can use your own laptop if you already have one. When you need to buy one you can buy any laptop at this moment. What we do ask of you is to have Windows and OS in English. Next to that the programme Visual Studio should be able to run – if not on your laptop then virtual or on a terminal server. So we advise laptops with enough space on the hard drive.

Additional costs

Maybe there will be other costs because you need some small computer supplies or hardware. Most of the time, this will be a small amount of money.