Financial information

  • Tuition fees

    The tuition fees indicator helps you to determine the tuition rate for your situation. The information and tuition rates from this indicator are without engagement.

    A distinction is made between statutory tuition fees and institutional tuition fees. Only if you satisfy all statutory requirements regarding your nationality and if you have not yet been awarded a degree, will you be eligible for statutory tuition fees. Via the tuition fees indicator, you can secure an indication of the type of tuition fees that will be applicable in your situation. To do so, please make use of the indicator above.

    Distinctions are made between the following types of Institutional Tuition Fees:
    • Low institutional tuition fees 
    • High institutional tuition fees

    These different types of tuition fees and the Exemption Regulations are fully detailed in the

      The amount to be paid may vary in accordance with the following situations:
      • If you have enrolled in more than one course programme (at Fontys and/or elsewhere), it is possible that you may only be obliged to pay one set of statutory tuition fees.
      • If you believe that you may be eligible to pay only the statutory tuition fees on the basis of information that may be unknown to us, please report this to your Course Department.
      • If it later transpires that you do not meet the requirements for statutory tuition fees, you will be obliged to pay the (higher) institutional tuition fees and if this is the case, you will be notified accordingly.

    • Payment of tuition fee

      Please ensure that you have arranged the payment of your Tuition Fees prior to commencing your course programme(s). If you fail to do so, your (re-) enrolment will not be finalised and you will not be permitted to follow your chosen course programme(s). Please also note that if you are not enrolled, you will not be entitled to receive any student grants and/or loans.

      Digital Authorisation

      If you have a Bank account number, of which the bank is situated in one of the SEPA countries, the only way to pay for the tuition fee is via a digital authorisation. Therefore you first need to enter your payment details in Studielink. In the section ‘My To Do List’ you will thereafter receive a message from Studielink requesting you to confirm your digital authorisation. After you have done this, the payment of your tuition fee is completed. It is only possible to confirm your digital authorisation after your personal details have been verified via Studielink or Fontys. After you log in via DigiD this check will take place.

      Third party to pay Tuition Fees

      If a third party (e.g. your father or your mother, but not your employer) is to pay your Tuition Fees on your behalf, you will be issued with an activation code via e-mail after having submitted your payment details. You should then forward this e-mail to the relevant third party, who will then need to confirm the digital authorisation by logging in to Studielink using their own Dutch DigiD (Digital Identification). The digital authorisation process will be complete upon your receipt of an e-mail verifying that your digital authorisation has been confirmed. If said party does not have a DigiD, this party cannot pay your tuition fees.

      Payment agreement

      If you have a Bank account number, of which the bank is not situated in one of the SEPA countries, but you have the nationality of one of the countries included in the EEA*, you will not be able to pay the tuition fee via a digital authorisation, but you will receive a payment agreement from Fontys. This payment agreement will be send to your Fontys e-mail address and the e-mail address you indicated in Studielink. Please duly complete and sign this payment agreement before the start of your studies and send it to us by post. You will find the address at the bottom of the payment agreement.
      It is also possible to scan the completed and signed payment agreement and send it by e-mail to Please only use this e-mail address for sending the payment agreement and not for sending other enrolment related documents or questions. 

      *The countries included in the EEA are as follows: all EU countries, including Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Switzerland is also regarded as an EEA country. 

      Payment letter

      If you have a Bank account number, of which the bank is not situated in one of the SEPA countries, and you are a national of a country outside the EEA without an address in The Netherlands, then you will receive a paymentletter from Fontys via your course department.

      Changing payment details

      Until you have confirmed your digital authorisation, you may change your payment details. In Studielink (, go to the option "My study programmes" and then click on the course programme for which you wish to change the payment details. Click on the option "Change payment details". You can then submit the correct details. Do not forget to click on the button "Confirm".

      If a third party is paying your Tuition Fees on your behalf, he/she/they may submit any required changes to the bank account number, the account holder’s name and the payment address prior to confirming such details, both if paying in a single debit, or in instalments.

      Once the digital authorisation has been confirmed, this may no longer be changed via Studielink. Should it be necessary to make any changes at a later time, please contact your course department.

      Questions regarding Tuition Fee payments

      In Studielink, you can click on the option "Question and Answer page" in the Help screen at the right. Click on the category "Payment method – Digital authorisation", here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

      If you cannot find the answer to your question via Q&A, you will need to contact your course department. To be issued with a proof of payment document regarding your Tuition Fees (if you have enrolled in a course programme at Fontys and you have enrolled in a second course programme at another institute), you will also need to contact your course department.

      Employer to pay Tuition Fees

      If your employer is prepared to pay your Tuition Fees, you will need to confirm the digital authorisation yourself in Studielink, using your own bank account number. In order to then claim reimbursement of these costs from your employer, you may request a proof of payment document from your Course Department. You may then submit this document with your claim for reimbursement to your employer. Fontys does not issue invoices to employers. If this is not sufficient for your employer, please contact your course department.

      UAF to pay Tuition Fees

      If your Tuition Fees are to be paid on your behalf of UAF (The Foundation for Refugee Students), you must not submit a digital authorisation in Studielink. In this case, the payment will be arranged directly by the foundation.