Tuesday 27 August 2019

Submission of paperwork and administrative matters

From 8:30 till 10.30:


  • You need to show a CERTIFIED COPY of your secondary international school diploma and transcript at the Student Desk, which is in building R1, room 2.46.
  • Mind that verification of your secondary school diploma and transcript is COMPULSORY.
  • You then also receive a time slot for making a registration at the town hall and GGD (if required).
  • You will also receive more information about the introduction programme,
  • Our student association INNOVUM will inform you about their introduction activities.


Ofcourse you do not need to submit certified copies of your diplomas, you will have other administrative matters to deal with today.

The whole programme will be executed at school, Building R1, 2nd floor, open area.and/or room 2.46.

Introduction activities by student association Innovum:

After you have finished your paprework, your are welcome to join in the programme of Innovum for today

After a nice breakfast they will spend the day in crazy and exciting action. They will have activities that will make you move all three dimensions at once. No one is getting out bored. At the evening we will join our Dutch friends at carnival evening at the campsite.


Fontys University of Applied Sciences
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Building R1, 2nd floor, open area

Rachelsmolen 1, Eindhoven

Locatiekaart op adres: Rachelsmolen 1, Eindhoven