Basic IT help, login, wifi and email

Fontys Studentportal
Automotive Engineering

Through intranet we communicate with colleagues and students. After your final registration as a new student and start of the new educational year, you can login here by means of your student i-account.

On this portal you can find most important information about:
- study guide
- class schedules
- annual schedules
- content of modules
- information from your mentor

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Contact ISSD
(ICT Student Service Desk)

Do you have problems loging into the Studentportal Mechanical Engineering, did you loose your account details or did you not receive them at all?

Please contact our computer helpdesk, called ISSD to help you out.
You may also want to borrow all kinds of computer materials at this ISSD.

Building R10, room 1.05
Opening hours: 8.45 - 17.00.

Fontys e-mail on your mobile device

Access your Fontys email, diary and contacts on your mobile device. Available for Android and iPhone/iPad.

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Download the Fontys app!

Download the Fontys app containing your timetable, grades and news.
You can use your PCN ( and password to login.

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Fontys Wireless Connection

Connect to Eduroam
Eduroam is an international service which enables students to securely access the wireless internet at the Fontys campus (and other participating institutions worldwide).

Log in with your Fontys username and password.

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Contact IT Servicedesk

Do you have a question about IT topics?
Contact us!
Open monday to friday: 08:00 - 17:00

  • Sync Fontysmail on your smartphone


    Choose: Outlook for iOS in the Apple Store and install the app.

    Add account and fill in your email address (name@

    Open verificator and you will be directed to the Fontys inlog page

    Remove the email address and fill in your Fontys credentials:

    username : *PCN*
    Password: the password to your Fontys account

    Skip the First Run Experience
    Enable Notifications
    Tap Allow 'Outlook can send you messages"

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    Settings > Accounts & Synchronisation > Add Account > Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
    Fill in the required details (see below)

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    The domain students use is: BERGEN. When domain is optional, leave this field blank. Some devices require the notation domain\username in one field. In that case write down: BERGEN\<PCN>.


    Your username is: <PCN> Some devices require the notation domain\username in one field. In that case write down: BERGEN\<PCN>.


    Write down your Fontys emailadress: <emailalias>


    The password to your Fontys account.


    If your device asks for this, write down

  • Eduroam

    Eduroam (education roaming) is a service which enables students, researchers and staff to securely access the wireless internet at the Fontys campus and whilst visiting other participating institutions, using the username and login provided by Fontys. 

    Advice: Install the setting of eduroam on your private laptop, smartphone and tablet, at home according to the instructions. All will be set and ready to go when you arrive at the Fontys campus.

    Short steps

    1. Use your data connection or connect your device with an available WIFI network. At Fontys you can use: Fontys_WIFI_start
    2. Scan the QR-code or use a browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) to access the website:
    3. Read the instructions and follow them step by step
    4. When requested: fill in your Fontys credentials <PCN>
    5. The correct settings will be downloaded. You will still be asked to typ your Fontys password (associated with your PCN)
    6. After this steps all will be set and you are connected with eduroam.