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  • Personal data

    Protection and use of personal data within Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

    Fontys University of Applied Sciences (FUAS) uses and collects data about individuals who are registered as students at FUAS. The purpose of this data collection is to provide students with appropriate education. The data is also required to ensure that students can be supervised as best as possible and be provided with extra attention when necessary.

    When data can be traced back to a particular person, it is referred to as personal data. The following parties concerned have access to data: instructors, educational support staff and external suppliers of information systems. This data is stored or archived in accordance with the policy compiled for this purpose by Fontys.

    Because the personal data of students is collected and processed, the Personal Data Protection Act applies. This act is intended, on the one hand, to ensure that the data about persons is used with care and on the other hand, to combat the misuse of personal data. Personal data is treated and protected with the greatest possible care by FUAS. This is accomplished, in the first instance, with the regulations, statutes and rules that apply at Fontys. And secondly, we accomplish this by concluding processing contracts that include agreements with the external suppliers of information systems. Thirdly, an active policy is carried out to make employees and students aware about being careful when handling personal data. This is done through awareness campaigns and carrying out audits on any possible information security risks in the provision of information.

    Maartje Hoop-Houben (Information Manager)

    Version 2.0 dated 29 March 2018

    Authors: Jurrian Wijffels (Information Manager) and Funda Sa├žan-Ilhan (Education lawyer) Version 1.0 dated 23 May 2016