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You are motivated, open-minded, reliable and looking for a graduation project!?

Then YOU are the perfect match for the Research Group Business Innovation.

What can you expect?

Multiple interesting and innovative projects with several manufacturing companies from different sectors. With an intense supervision from beginning until the very end of the project, you are supported by a group of experts in research and business modelling. Throughout the process you will receive multidisciplinary and precise feedback, by giving presentations or participating in discussion rounds. This ensures you to achieve the best results possible. Benefit from our broad business network.

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You want to graduate within an authentic environment with real-life problems to solve?

Check out our current projects below!

Graduation Assignments 2020/2021

  • Graduation assignment at Yookr

    Yookr is a small enthusiastic company in Venlo that is committed to vegetable, floriculture and fruit growers. With wireless sensors in the field or greenhouses and our smart software platform, we map climate and growth data. A personalised dashboard displays this data clearly. And self-set smart alerts inform growers of changes in the greenhouse or field that he considers important. That way he can make adjustments on time. Not in retrospect, but real time. At any time of the day.

    We are looking for a German Marketer who can identify potential customers in Germany for us. Where are the growers who want to innovate smartly? In addition, you will do research on Yookr's business model. The question is: what does the customer want to pay for our service? What is, in his view, the added value of Yookr to his company and what is it worth to him?

    So do you want to look for German growers who want to innovate smartly? And do you want to research our business model?

    Then come and meet us. We would like to tell you more about Yookr and this challenging assignment.

    Contact person: Etienne Engelhart, rgbsi@fontys.nl

  • "PAY PER USE" Business Model - MetaQuip

    About MetaQuip

    MetaQuip is a young company founded in 2014 that specializes in selling and developing CO2 laser cutters and fiber laser machines. More information about MetaQuip can be found at: www.metaquip.nl.

    MetaQuip is located in Maarheeze (just south of Eindhoven) and easily accessible from both the highway and public transport.

    Description assignment

    MetaQuip is thinking about the possibility of not using its machines in the future sell more in the traditional way, but on the basis of a so-called "pay per use 'on the market. However, in order to do this properly, it is important that this phase the different aspects that come into play from business (models) a good perspective.

    This includes:

    - Which parameters must be remotely readable from our in the near future

    machines, in order to gain a better insight into the use of the machines at

    current costumers.

    - How should these parameters be used to arrive at a model that

    business-wise it is interesting enough to use pay-per-use machines.

    - What are the possibilities and consequences for the marketing part when

    customers will not pay for the purchase but for the use of the machines.

    - What legal consequences does this changed business model have for MetaQuip


    - What other consequences are there for the internal organization of MetaQuip BV

    if this new business model is implemented.

    All aspects for the internal organization as well as the external factors associated with it (preparing for) a switch to paying for use will have to be included in the research, with the aim of being as pragmatic as possible to the possibilities and consequences. Due to the corona crisis, you will be working from home and from location in Maarheeze.


    Send a motivation and CV to the Research Group Business Innovation: rgbsi@fontys.nl

  • How can we measure the impact of the GreenTechLab on society?

    This project concerns a Lab environment where different technoloigcal solutions may be tested (GTL-TEC4S). Society, viewed from a community of citizens, companies and organizations, forms an 'actuation' network where dialogue is continuously conducted on a healthy and high-quality living environment. The GreenTechLab in Venlo aims to achieve 25 affordable wireless sensor modules with the following measurements: particulate matter, temperature, relative humidity and air pressure. The student conducts research on the customer profile in order to create a value proposition.

    Contact person is Jean Louis-Steevensz: j.steevensz@fontys.nl

  • What is the role of sustainability in the insect market?

    The slowly growing insect industry is meant to deliver sustainable alternative proteins. The student studies whether the currnt developments really consider sustainable practices.

    Contact persons are Sonja Floto-Stammen / Natalia Naranjo-Guevara:  s.flotostammen@fontys.nl

  • Opportunities for a sustainability certification in the insect industry

    The Consumption of insects has been linked with numerous benefits, both environmental, social and human health. The student investigates whether sustainability certification can boost the insect food industry.

    Contact persons are Sonja Floto-Stammen / Natalia Naranjo-Guevara:  s.flotostammen@fontys.nl

  • How can we provide a viable and sustainable water heating system for monuments and protected city-scrapers?

    Q-Roof provides Solar Collectors for the heating of water that may be used in combination with existing heating solutions. As such, is a sustainable solution that is particularly interesting also for monuments and protected cityscapes. The student conducts research about the monuments, the market, stakeholders and viability of Q-roofs products as a means to make monuments and protected cityscapes more sustainable.

    Contact person is Jean-Louis Steevensz:  j.steevensz@fontys.nl