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For companies

Companies who are looking for assistance with servitizing their business, developing new services or improving their current service offerings are welcome to contact us. Upon doing so, we will find the right connection for your company, that fits with your company’s needs and our competencies. Our aim is to establish long-term and high quality partnerships with companies, that creates benefits on both sides. For more information on cooperating with us, or for specific questions, please contact us.

Projects as individual work placement or graduation assignments

Students research your questions with the supervision of the experts in the BSI team. A practical approach with applied research, plus a detailed literature overview on the latest state of science are part of these projects.

Information about this can be obtained by sending a mail to rgbsi@fontys.nl

Projects with student teams

University to Business programs: Student teams of around 4 members execute the research that the company is asking for. They research the industry, design new possible business models and present their findings to you. These can function as a start for new strategic developments within your company.

Individual programs: There is the option to start specific tailor made projects for your company with mixed teams of students from different programs and different levels. They are strongly supervised by the experts of the knowledge group to guarantee quality and substance. These are in principle paid projects. The costs are depending on team size, duration and levels of supervision. In some options, depending on region and industry there are options to get these subsidized.

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Business Meetings

Next to these options, the research group organizes 10 monthly meetings that deal with various practical topics related to Business Services Innovation. These meetings are aimed at bringing together companies, teachers and students. Companies bring their business problems and challenges to these meetings, and we will find the right connection that can help to resolve this problem. This can for example be in the form of an internship, research projects or customized projects.

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