Sports, clubs and societies

Going out in Venlo

Studying in Venlo also means living in Venlo. Meeting people in cool places, stopping by some of the events, scoring beers with a discount and competing in sports to stay in shape. Fontys Venlo students receive attractive discounts all over Venlo. There are special student prices at the cinema, cafés and concerts. At the following website you can find the hotspots in the city.

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OMNIA is the student organisation for all business and economics students, by students. Their mission is to connect students and organise meaningful events that create lasting memories.


S.A. DaVinci is the first and biggest student association of Venlo. All students enrolled at a higher education insititute in Venlo are welcome to join and explore all that the student’s life has to offer. Their goal is to connect students, create new friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Connections with other students isn’t the only thing you will encounter through this association. Their large professional network allows you to extend your connections with businesses and helps boosts your career!