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Vladimir Krastanov

Why Fontys?

Being one of the biggest universities in The Netherlands, Fontys offers a wide range of programs. The diversity it offers not only in programs but also in culture, allows for the better integration of students in an international environment. As a logistics student I also have to mention the logistics context and therefore add that Venlo is known as a logistics hotspot in Europe and in my opinion, this is the right place for development in the field.

Do you have some suggestions for new students?

Choosing how to proceed with your studies is a tremendous step in life, and the best bit is that you are in the position of choice right now. Research, evaluate and compare the options – this is the path to making the right decision. Make sure what you have found suits you and go for it! Smile, study hard and go the extra mile whenever you can. Remember, you are doing it for yourself.

Anything you want to add?

Studying abroad is, indeed, an important step and it might be hard at first. But as time passes, you will make friends and get to know so many people with so many different backgrounds… Imagine having a lunch with people from 7 different nationalities – “exchanging” culture is only one of the many advantages of being an international student, you will find the rest yourself. Welcome at Fontys!

Vladimir Krastanov

Country: Bulgaria
Study programme: Logistics

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