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Emilija Krutulytė

Why Fontys?

I chose to study at Fontys because I really liked the International Finance and Control programme that they offered. I was particularly fond of the second semester because it offered the basics of creating your own business or working on creative solutions for problems in real companies. The experience of working with real companies allowed me to think outside of the box and think more realistically.

Do you have some suggestions for new students?

Do not be afraid of new challenges and plan strategically, so that you will be able to meet deadlines. Do not spend all day with books, go outside, explore the city and have some fun.

Anything you want to add?

When I came to the Netherlands for the first time, I was so impressed with the culture. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and there are a lot of cyclists, which is not common in my home country. I really like this country and I am happy that I chose to study here.

Emilija KrutulytÄ—

Country: Lithuania
Study programme: International Finance & Control

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