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Anja Konjević

Why Fontys?

I wanted to study in the Netherlands because I heard of the high quality of education and student satisfaction during and after graduating. I knew that I wanted to study Marketing, and as I was researching my options I discovered Fontys Venlo.
I liked the curriculum of the programme, but there are more reasons why I decided to study at Fontys. One of those is studying in a multi-cultural environment. I also prefer attending small-class lectures. What differentiated Fontys from other universities that I was interested in, is having a Start-Up Factory project, two internships and a minor abroad. Fontys has worldwide partner universities, which was really interesting to me, as I want to experience studying in other countries as well.
I understood the importance of being prepared for the job market after graduation, therefore experiencing all those components during my studies was a decisive factor for me.

Do you have some suggestions for new students?

My advice would be to not be afraid of moving and studying in English (if it is not your native language). People in Venlo are welcoming and it is easy to settle. Professors are understanding and other students are from different parts of the world, so there will be no judgment.

Anything you want to add?

A bonus tip would be to live in student accommodation during the first year of your programme. Coming from abroad and having to adjust to the new environment can be a lot. I found many friends while I was living there, and it was much easier for me to adjust to everything new and integrate. Plus, it is always interesting to experience real student life.