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Ana Paponi

Why Fontys?

I liked the project-based learning which Fontys offers. For me, that was the most important reason for choosing Fontys. Secondly, Fontys Venlo is at the border with Germany which may provide me with many (work) opportunities in the future.

Do you have some suggestions for new students?

I would advise incoming students to be open to any kind of activities, to go and exploretThe Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, since Fontys Venlo is really close to them. Moreover, I would advise them to not be afraid, they are not alone!

Anything you want to add?

I had such a nice experience when I first came to Venlo. I was kind of lost in the city and an old lady came over to me and helped me out. I didn't expect someone of her age to know how to speak English and also is willing to help an unknown person.

Ana Paponi

Country: Romania
Study programme: Marketing Management

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