Why study in the Netherlands?

We can think of numerous reasons why studying in the Netherlands is a good idea:

It is an international and multicultural country

We currently house international students from 157 different countries, mostly from Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and China. The Netherlands now has more than 112.000 international students, 1 out of 10 students is international. Around 95% of the Dutch locals speak English, which is quite unique for a non-Anglophone country like the Netherlands.

Study costs are affordable

Compared to many other countries, the tuition fees in the Netherlands are quite affordable. Students from EEA countries pay €2.209,- a year, and students from non-EEA countries pay €8.330,- or €10.660,- a year (depending on the study programme).

Modern teaching methods

The educational system in the Netherlands is of high quality, and Dutch universities are (worldwide) acknowledged for their modern way of teaching.

Affordable accommodation costs

Living abroad can be practically impossible because of the skyrocket apartment rents. Living in the Netherlands is very doable, you will pay between €380,- and €500,- a month for a furnished room in Venlo. Experience has shown that students living and studying in the Netherlands for one year spend an average of between EUR 800 and EUR 1,100 per month. To be able to cover those costs, you can work part time up until 32 hours a month, plus you are eligible for a student OV-Chipkaart for free public transportation either during the week or weekends (only EEA students).

Great travel opportunities

With its central position within Europe, the Netherlands is a great starting point for a trip through the continent. It is the gateway to Europe! Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam therefore has flights to basically anywhere in the world. You can also travel to major capital cities like Paris, London and Berlin by train in under 6 hours.

Degrees are recognized internationally

The country has been officially recognized as a knowledge centre. Education in the Netherlands meets all international standards and has a good reputation globally. A degree from a Dutch University (of Applied Sciences) provides you with a lot of opportunities in your future career in any country worldwide.