International focus

Strong international focus

Studying at Fontys Venlo does not only mean you will be exposed to Dutch culture. You will meet students from all over the world. After your graduation you will have a global network of friends. This intercultural experience will benefit you later in life when working in culturally diverse companies.

Venlo is located right at the Dutch-German border, so it has always had an outward look. Fontys Venlo has a network of over 100 partner universities all over the world where you can follow an exchange semester. In return students from these universities come to Fontys for a semester abroad. When walking around the campus you hear Dutch, German, Bulgarian, Chinese and many other languages.

Minor abroad

During your studies you can do a minor abroad at one of our partner universities. Fontys Venlo has over 100 partner universities globally. During your minor abroad you spend 1 semester in another country to deepen or broaden your knowledge.

In the interactive map below you see all partner universities of Fontys Venlo.

Minor abroad at at a non-partner university

It is also possible to study at a university which is not a partner as a "free mover".
For more information please contact the FIBS International Coordinator at or FTenL International Coordinator.

Internship abroad

At Fontys Venlo we encourage you to do an internship abroad. It enhances your personal development and it is of additional value to your CV. You will develop language skills and meet people from different cultures. It will truly transform you into a global citizen. An internship abroad is an experience you don't want to miss out on!

Arranging an internship abroad

Fontys has a list of partner companies where students have done an internship before. You can also search for an internship company yourself. More information can be found on the 'Intership abroad' page.