Dutch bank account

Information about opening a Dutch bank account

It is not mandatory to have a Dutch bank account as an exchange student so we will leave the decision up to you. If you do not wish to open a Dutch bank account, please consider the following consequences:

  • Transferring rent to the landlord or getting money from an ATM (cash machine) will usually cost extra when doing this from a foreign bank
  • Paying rent with a credit card is not possible
  • If you want to make use of the printing facilities at Fontys, you need to upload money onto your student card. You can do this online with your bank card, with credit card, via Mr. Cash, Sofort or Giropay.
    Attention: if you want to upload money from a bank card it needs to have the following logo on it:

  • If you want to make use of the services of the campus Copyshop, you can only do this with a bank card that has the Maestro logo. They do not accept cash.
  • If you want to buy something in the campus cafeteria, you can only do this with a bank card that has the Maestro logo. They do not accept cash.

Why a Dutch bank account?

A Dutch bank enables you to:

  • automatically pay the rent of your room every month
  • do PIN transactions in the Netherlands, free of charge
  • do easy internet banking, which will be included in your bank account application

How to open a Dutch bank account?

Visit one of the banks mentioned at the bottom of this page and provide the following documents:

  • Your valid passport
  • A letter of acceptance from Fontys. We will provide you with a signed and stamped letter upon arrival in the Netherlands. You can pick up this letter at our student service center.
  • Your residence permit for the Netherlands or the approval letter (in Dutch language) of the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) in case you do not have your residence permit card yet.You received this approval letter through Visacare.
  • Your citizen registration number (BSN). You have received this number at your registration at city hall or you will receive it shortly after your registration. If you want to open a bank account before your registration at city hall, it is usually possible to hand in this number at the bank later. Please verify this with the bank of your choice.
  • Proof of your address (copy rental contract of your room)

Note: In case you are a minor (<18) opening a bank account will not be easy. The Rabobank in Eindhoven has made special arrangements for the minor international student. Bring the personal data of one of your parents, a home address and an email address. If you have a birth certificate with you it will be of help. It is possible the other banks are also willing to make an exemption for you as a minor but you need to verify this when making an appointment. The international office can provide you with the contact information of the Rabobank in Eindhoven.

Further instructions will be provided to you by the bank of your choice.

Peperstraat 8, 5911 HA Venlo

ING Bank
Keulsepoort 10, 5911 BZ Venlo

ABN Amro Bank
Keulsepoort 12, 5911 BZ Venlo