City hall registration


Only for non EU students and EU students who bring their car and would like to buy a parking permit for the city center.

According to Dutch law you need to register at Venlo city hall. This means you need to collect some documents before your departure, which are listed below. Fontys will make the appointment for you at city hall, which will take place in the weeks after the start of your studies. We will notify you regarding your appointment in time. You need to collect the following documents:

  1. Original birth certificate
  2. A copy of the birth certificate with apostille stamp
  3. A certified translation of the birth certificate (only if the original document is not in English, Dutch, French or German).
  4. Original proof of marital status (via an official document you need to prove that you are not married. It is different for every country where to get this kind of document, but you can always call your embassy to inquire or simply google it).
  5. A copy of the marital status document with apostille stamp.
  6. A certified translation of the proof of marital status (only if the original document is not in English, Dutch, French or German).
  7. Valid passport or ID card.
  8. Admission confirmation from Fontys: Please print the letter of acceptance you received through Mobility Online. Freemovers have received this letter of acceptance via e-mail.
  9. The positive assessment of the Dutch Immigration Service. This is a letter in Dutch, which will be sent to you via the online visa application programme Visacare once your visa application has been approved. Only for non-European students who are applying for a visa or residence permit.
  10. Filled out form “1e vestiging Buitenland – Fontys Student” (this will be sent to you in an e-mail by the international office)
  11. Signed rental contract from your landlord

Chinese students (Hong Kong excluded)

Chinese students are required to bring the following documents in addition: Legalized notarized declaration which includes family name, given names, date of birth, place of birth, name of father and name of mother and a notarized certified true copy of the document or documents on which the notary has based his statement regarding the birth and the data of the parents. Please bring one of the 4 documents below:

  • Hukou of the parents in which the birth of the child is registered.
  • Declaration of the hospital which explicitly states that this statement can be used for the registration of the birth in the Hukou registry.
  • A statement from the Public Security Bureau which proves the requested data.
  • Notarized certified copy of the updated and complete Hukou of the child itself.

Please make copies of all these documents beforehand! You have to hand in the copies at the city hall. The originals of all documents will be returned to you at the end of the appointment.