Buddy Programme

Doing a study abroad most certainly means a lot of excitement and perhaps also a bit of anxiety. Getting used to everything may be a challenge at times. Students may have language difficulties or be unfamiliar with certain aspects of life in the Netherlands and at the university.

Fontys International Campus Venlo receives around 100 international exchange students each semester. In order to give them a warm welcome into Dutch culture and at our campus, the International Office has set up a buddy programme.
A buddy is a Fontys bachelor student who is familiar with the campus and who can give practical help with administrative systems, timetables etc. They know their way around the city of Venlo and can also help students to better understand Dutch traditions and habits and feel at home real soon!

What else can students expect from a buddy? A buddy will:

  • meet them at the Venlo train station and accompany them to their room.
  • help them get settled during their first weeks by answering practical questions related to living in Venlo and by showing them around town.
  • help them with questions about campus life, teaching styles, campus set-up, how to prepare for exams, etc.
  • help them with practical questions such as how to print documents, how to get connected to WiFi, get acquainted with the Fontys portal, etc.
  • introduce them to Dutch culture.
  • be able to join them during social activities.

    It is important to note that a buddy is not a professional nor an employee at the university.

    The programme seeks to give students the best possible start to their study abroad in Venlo and at our campus.