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Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Fact sheet

Location Oulu, Finland
Number of exchange places 14 per semester (limited number of places per study field)
Travel advice Green
Credit transfer ECTS
Fall semester August-December
Spring semester January-May

Limited number of exchange places per study field:

1 place Social Services
3 places Information Technology
2 places Business Information Systems
2 places Automation Engineering (not suitable for students from Fontys School for Engineering)
3 places International Business
2 places Journalistic Lab
1 place Dance

Housing options

Exchange students who study at Oulu UAS or have their practical training arranged by Oulu UAS can apply for student accommodation from the Northern Finland Student Housing Foundation PSOAS with whom Oulu UAS has an agreement to provide housing services to incoming students. Please visit their website for more information.

Travel advice

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Ambience photo Fontys
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Did you know?

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) offers a new and inspiring way of learning: OAMK Labs. In these labs students work together for one semester in international and mutlipdisciplinary teams in OAMK's Business Kitchen, located in the heart of Oulu! OAMK offers guidance, course and brings you in contact with real world organisations to work together on projects. This provides an amazing opportunity in a very challenging environment!

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