Cluster Arts

For those who want to turn the world around...

Our student's starting point is their art discipline and critical view on society.
In an open, free atmosphere and a challenging, edgy learning and research environment, they develop their own artistic language and collective future together with other art students, teachers and art sector.

At Fontys Arts we work on a interdisciplinairy atmosphere where students experience, learn and work with different kinds of art.

Nomination procedure Incoming International Students

Exchange programs

Nomination procedure Outgoing Fontys students

Students who are interested in a minor abroad will contact their international coordinator first. Together they will investigate suitable options. Next they will contact the partner institute of choice to inform themselves about the audition procedure.

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If you have questions about partnership and contract, please contact Marjolein Hoetelmans



If you have questions about the content of the program, please contact Hans Raaijmakers (music), Zeynep Gündüz (dance) or Mariska van Zutven (art).