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Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts

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Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts

For those who want to turn the world around...
Your starting point is your art discipline and critical view on society.
In an open, free atmosphere and a challenging, edgy learning and research environment, you develop your own artistic language and our collective future together with other art students, teachers and art sector.

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Alumni and working field

A graduate student of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts is the workingfield for our programmes. We like to stay in touch with them. The input of the professional field is essential for the innovation of our programmes. And a Lifelong Learning program requires continuing education which we are happy to offer our alumni.

Lectorate and research

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Lectorate Artistic Connective Practices

Fontys research is conducted in close cooperation with the professional field and is aimed at renewing and improving the professional practice for which we educate students. The research is organized within lectorates and expertise centers.

Artistic Research Days

During the Artistic Research Days, FHK's master's programmes collaborate on research projects.

Society for Artistic Research | Research Catalogue

Fontys Fine and Performing Arts is a proud member of the Society for Artistic Research and an official portal partner of the Research Catalogue.

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The Research Catalogue is a powerful, non-commercial, inclusive collaboration and publishing platform for artistic research provided by the Society for Artistic Research, which was founded in Switzerland in 2010.
The Research Catalogue functions as a platform for the dissemination of self-published content as well as peer-reviewed publications. This open-source catalogue connects academic discourse and artistic practice.
It also serves as a backbone forteaching purposesstudent assessment andpeer review workflows.With more than more than 12.000 registered users, the Research Catalogue is the most used digital platform for artistic research to this day.Fonty offers free life-long user accounts to all students, teachers and staff.

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As Fontys Fine and Performing Arst we organize a variety of events. We work together with our students from all art programs. The combination of the diversity of programs in one project or event is whats so typical about us. We have 20 art programs and we love to connect and work together to create the best of the best.

Our projects and events are often open to public. Are you interested in one of our programs, for example because you think about becoming a professional artist, you should come and join one of our events. You will see what you can accomplish.

Everything that is created by and for our students, you will find in our FHK agenda (see link below).

We hope will see you soon.