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The Fontys Research Award is presented to a Fontys member of staff or a (master)student who excelled while working in a practice-oriented research project focussed on/ or developed and implemented in collaboration with the professional field, and thus enhanced the distinctive stature of Fontys as a knowledge-intensive network organization with strong regional connections.

Research Award
The Fontys Research Award will be presented during the New Year Gathering.

  • One to a Fontys member of staff
  • One to a master student of Fontys
  • One to a bachelor student of Fontys

The winner of the member of staff group receives a two to three-week stay at a foreign sister institution. The prize provides for travel and subsistence allowances, as well as for the out-of-pocket expenses incurred. During this period, the research activities will proceed.

The winner of the master student group and bachelor student group receive a prize of € 1000,- each.

Should a winning entry be a collaboration of multiple persons, the prize money will be allocated in a proportional way to the participants.

Practice-oriented research results are eligible for the Fontys Research Award if they comply with the following distinguishing characteristics:

  • Research projects that have actually been executed in the field by students, teachers and fieldworkers, and/or any combination of students, teachers and fieldworkers.
  • The outstanding results of the research project must be supported by testimonials: users, buyers, recipients, or external participants to the project describe in writing what the impact of the research was in terms of usability, suitability and the improvement of quality.
  • Further options for the publication of the outcome of the research project are:
    - a research as part of the completion and conclusion of the master or bachelor studies
    - a contribution to a (research) congress, e.g. the text of a keynote address or the contribution to a poster session
    - an article in a magazine that ‘is significant as far as nature and content are concerned
    - other publications.

Jury assessment
The jury decision is based on the following assessment criteria:

  • The societal impact
  • The impact on the educational programmes, on the institution, and on Fontys in its entirety
  • The impact on the field of expertise
  • The innovative capacity
  • The collaboration with the professional field, regional knowledge networks;
  • Practicability, implementability, and its established, evident appreciation.

Participation and speeches

  • Candidates, who have a major impact on the significance of practice-oriented research with respect to current developments, can be nominated for the Fontys Research Award by their management team. The nomination must be accompanied by a comprehensive argumentation, and the personal particulars and position of the nominee.
  • Candidates, who personally present themselves for the Fontys Research Award, must submit a comprehensive argumentation, personal particulars and their position; in addition, they must always hand in a written declaration of support from their managing director.

N.B. Professors, themselves excluded from participating, are requested to actively encourage members of staff and master students to take part.

Submission Fontys Research Award 2021

Registration for the Fontys Research Award 2021 is closed. Winners will be announced during the Fontys new years gathering in the first week of January.

Winner 2020

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The Fontys Research Award is being organised by Fontys department of Education and Research. If you have any questions, please contact them!