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About the Fontys Hogeschool Pedagogiek (Fontys Pedagogical Studies)

The Fontys Hogeschool Pedagogiek (Fontys Pedagogical Studies) educates students who aim to work in the field of education, in professions varying from childcare to judicial juvenile care, from disability care to child & adolescent psychiatry and from parenting support to education. The institute offers the Bachelor Degree programmes, Pedagogy / Education Studies and Teaching in Pedagogy / Education Studies, in the variants full-time and part-time at the locations, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Sittard and Tilburg. Bachelor students may choose from a variety of Minors. After they graduaded, they find jobs in the following fields:

  • Pedagogue / Educator in Youth Care
  • Pedagogue / Educator in Disability Care
  • Pedagogue / Educator in Childcare
  • Pedagogue / Educator in Prevention, Education & Parenting Support
  • Pedagogue / Educator in Education & the Educational Sector

In addition, a Master Degree programme in Pedagogy / Education Studies is offered in Tilburg, as well as various other course and training programmes.

With approximately 2,300 students and 200 staff members, the Fontys Hogeschool Pedagogiek is the largest Pedagogical institute in The Netherlands.

Within the Fontys Hogeschool Pedagogiek, quality is of key importance. This is partly reflected in the education through co-creation and the continual exchange of ideas and professional innovations with professional practice. In addition to education, the institute also focuses on research and knowledge innovation by way of two professorships.
An educational institute that is entirely orientated towards the development of the child and the young person is quite unique. The Fontys Hogeschool Pedagogiek provides extremely specialised knowledge and practices within the areas of parenting and development.

The ‘Diversity & Orthopedagogical Care & Treatment’ Professorship

The Professorship ‘Diversity & Orthopedagogical Care & Treatment’ conducts research into the effective factors of professionals and their actions in an intercultural, orthopedagogical context. Together with professionals, the aim of the professorship is to develop working methods and methodologies that will contribute to the positive development of youth from non-Western backgrounds, within the broad field of youth care and youth services, including parenting support, outpatient youth care and supervision in residential youth care. Currently, the professorship is researching three new research themes, i.e. ‘Radicalisation & Child-rearing’, ‘The Role of the Father in Child-rearing’ and ‘Child-rearing of Migrant Children Hailing from Central & Eastern European (CEE) Countries in The Netherlands’. The associated professor is Dr. Yolanda te Poel.