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Energy management

Energy is your biggest success factor. When you are well in your energy, you feel better, are happier, and perform better. This Energy management training teaches you to use your brain and biochemistry to increase your energy levels. You will be introduced to the two energy systems and learn how to influence them. Everything you learn is directly applicable to your daily life.

This training consists of:

  • Webinar: Energy the success factor in your work
  • Energy Scan: Test anonymously your amount of energy
  • 4 x one-hour live training and an online learning environment containing the presentations, additional videos, and recordings
  • At the end you receive a recap video to optimize your energy management

Practical info

Monday 20 March, 15:30-16:00

Discover the power of energy management in just 30 minutes during this inspiring webinar. Get to know your two energy systems and discover which processes keep your battery well-filled. Where does your daily dose of energy come from? And why is it so important to prevent a deficiency? Discover how you can influence these systems yourself and what you can practically do to work and live full of energy. The webinar ends with several quiz questions that will help you understand the role of energy even better and how to get the best out of yourself.

In preparation for the online base training, we ask you to measure your personal energy level with the TopState Energy Scan. Completing this questionnaire will take about five minutes. The results and what they mean for you are shown online and are completely anonymous.

You can find the Energy Scan at https://topstate.nl/topstate-energiescan/

Enter this code: FTS282

Session 1: Monday 27 March, 15:30 to 16:30

Session 2: Monday 03 April, 15:30 to 16:30

Session 3: Monday 17 April, 15:30 to 16:30

Session 4: Monday 24 April, 15:30 to 16:30

After completing the online base training, you will:

  • Know the two systems that are responsible for your energy.
  • Have started applying skillful energy management yourself and laid the foundation for more vitality, success, and happiness.
  • Master techniques that will immediately give you more energy at your disposal.

TIP! Sign up for the live stream and receive the link. You can also watch it at another time!

You will receive a summary of the training in the form of a recap video in your mailbox. This way you can go over everything again and keep yourself brimming with energy.

About the trainer

Thirza Koster is a popular speaker and trainer. For many years she has been training entrepreneurial people who must perform continuously at a high level. She also helps professionals to (re)find their energy. It is her mission to bring as many professionals as possible into their "TopState". Thirza is an expert in the field of the underlying systems in your body that are responsible for your success. She knows better than anyone how to influence your brain and biochemistry in a targeted way, allowing you to excel.