First aid in online education

1. Where can I find tutorials?

For this you can visit Fontys.edu/online?? This page is continuously updated.

2. What should I do if applications such as MS Teams, the Fontys portal or Natschool cannot be accessed?

The general advice for connection problems is; turn off your laptop, wait two minutes and restart. It is also possible that your wifi connection has failed. Check that and reconnect if necessary. Is the application not working yet? Please contact the IT Service Desk via 08850-77777 or it-servicedesk@fontys.nl.

3. Where can I ask for help if something goes wrong in MS Teams during my class? (telephone/email address?)

If you have an acute problem during a lesson you can call 08850-77777. Keep in mind that it can be very busy there. Is the problem a little less urgent mail than to IT-servicedesk@fontys.nl.

4. Where, especially in these times, can I find extra help with my studies?

Check https://fontys.edu/fontyshelps for more information